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Russians destroyed an enterprise and a school in the Kharkov region

The Russian army struck two villages an hour apart.

The Russians destroyed an enterprise and a school in the Kharkov region

Head of the Kharkov OVA Oleg Sinegubov

The Russian army destroyed the enterprise on December 6.

About This was reported by the head of the Kharkov OVA Oleg Sinegubov.

He said that the Russians struck two villages within an hour of each other.

“A civilian enterprise was completely destroyed in Okhrimovka. 10 hangars burned down and a truck was damaged. These were strikes either by NURS or guided aerial bombs – law enforcement will find out,” said Sinegubov.

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He added that the Russians also struck Varvarovka this year same community. A school was destroyed here, fortunately no one was hurt.

Sinegubov emphasized that the Russian army has intensified shelling of the Kharkov region with aerial bombs.

  • At night, the Russians attacked Zolochev in the Kharkov region, killing a two-month-old child. Three more women were hospitalized.
  • The Russian military regularly shells the Kharkov region. In particular, on Saturday, February 2, the invaders struck civilian infrastructure in Kupyansk with FAB-500.

  • Russian troops fired from multiple launch rocket systems at the border Volchansk in the Chuguevsky district of the Kharkov region and launched guided bombs at the village of Olkhovatka in the Kupyan region, there is destruction.


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