• 19/07/2024 08:40

Russians shot Ukrainian prisoners of war near Zaporozhye

Россияне расстреляли украинских военнопленных под Запорожьем


The prosecutor's office began an investigation into the shooting of Ukrainian prisoners of war near Zaporozhye by the enemy.

Source: Office of the Prosecutor General

Details: According to the investigation, servicemen of the Russian Army in December 2023, during a military clash with the Ukrainian Defense Forces near the village of Robotino, Zaporozhye region, captured three Ukrainian defenders.

An hour later, in violation of Art. 3 of the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, the occupiers shot them.

A video about this has now appeared and spread on the Internet.

Verbatim: “Under the procedural leadership of the Zaporozhye regional prosecutor’s office, criminal proceedings have been initiated for violation of the laws and customs of war, coupled with premeditated murder.”


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