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Satellite images of the consequences of a drone strike on an aircraft plant in Taganrog have appeared

Satellite imagery proves the possibility of hitting another Russian A-50.

satellite satellite of the plant, which was attacked by drones yesterday.

Analysts from Frontelligence Insight published on the X network a high-quality satellite image of the Russian aircraft plant “TANTK named after Beriev” in Taganrog, where the A-50 “VKS” Russian airborne early warning aircraft was probably being repaired, writes Defense Express.

It is known that the enterprise was used to repair special aircraft based on Tu-95 and Il-76. In addition, as experts note, one of the A-50 aircraft in the photographs for March 8-9 is absent from the plant.

At the same time, it was present there in the photographs for February 29. It is unknown where the plane went, but if it was moved towards the hangar, there is a possibility that it was damaged. “Post-mortem” United is carried out by visual analysis satellite imagery assess the impact of Ukrainian UAV attack on aircraft repair facility in Taganrog, imagery indeed validatses damage sustained by the facility.

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In the footage taken on the afternoon of March 9, you can see damage to one of the hangars. If the A-50 was indeed in it at the time of the attack, then it would be approximately in the eastern part of the building.

On the night of March 9, a Russian aircraft factory in Taganrog was attacked by Ukrainian drones. The attack resulted in a fire.

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