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Scholz called on the EU to help Ukraine so that peace could be better

It is expected that in 2024 we will spend more than 7 billion euros (7.6 billion dollars) on additional aid Ukraine. European allies are obliged to strengthen their support for Kiev.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with a message to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, as quoted by Tagesspiegel.

As the Chancellor, as the envoy grew to the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin We believe that the approach will be taken at the same time in the Ukrainian region and will not come back, “then the world will become possible sooner, we think today.” Ukraine more than 7 billion euros Behind these words, the unpleasant thing is that Berlin immediately gives Kiev more than half of the foreign military aid from all European countries.

Help for Germany

Nimechina is one of Ukraine’s main allies in the ongoing Russian aggression. Berlin provides no less than political and financial support to Viyskov. At the beginning of a full-scale war, Germany supplied several types of artillery, Leopard tanks of old and new modifications, IRIS-T and Patriot software systems, ammunition, cars, drones and other types of equipment.

In the words of the Inspector General of Armed Forces Niemecchini Karsten Breuer will realize that in 2024, Berlin will also supply Ukraine with about 200 thousand shells.

This time, Kiev requested from Germany long-range Taurus missiles, which they could detect targets at a distance of up to 500 kilometers. Whereupon the Chancellor spoke out against such an idea. At all times, the company Taurus Systems GmbH, on its own side, is ready to quickly replenish the stock of long-range missiles from Germany once supplied to Ukraine.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read the channel and RBC-Ukraine on Telegram

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