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Scholz found a new explanation for refusing to supply Taurus missiles to Ukraine

The Chancellor claims that if used “wrongly” they can hit Moscow.

Long-range cruise missile Taurus KEPD 350

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz continues to justify himself to the press for his reluctance to supply long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

The German publication Tagesschau quotes the head of government as saying that a cruise missile with a range of 500 kilometers “if used incorrectly could hit a specific target somewhere in Moscow.”

To the question As for why Great Britain and France approved the provision of missiles to Kiev, Scholz said that he would try to explain this “as abstractly as possible from a diplomatic point of view”: they say, these countries “made sure to know what was landing where.”

The Chancellor also once again repeated the thesis about the mandatory participation of the German military in the process of deploying missiles on the territory of Ukraine, which, according to him, is “absolutely excluded.”

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