• 20/07/2024 03:47

Scout warriors destroyed 2 Russian Pantsirs in the Belgorod region, – GUR

The special operation was carried out today, January 6.

Reconnaissance warriors destroyed 2 Russian ) The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that today, January 6, soldiers- scouts destroyed 2 Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun systems “Pantsir-S1” in the Belgorod region.

“As part of a complex mission implemented with the assistance of the United24 platform, Ukrainian military intelligence operators struck Russian air defense positions in the Belgorod region,” the report says.

It is noted that as a result of fire damage, 2 Russian Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems were disabled.

The cost of one such air defense missile system is approximately 10-15 million dollars.

Recall that recently GUR special forces carried out a raid in the Belgorod region, as a result of which the enemy suffered losses . In particular, the scouts replaced the only road along which the invaders moved in the specified area, and also attacked the Russian platoon strong point.


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