• 21/07/2024 14:44

Shelling of Sumy region: Russians damaged infrastructure

There is no information about the dead or wounded, the extent of the damage is being established.

Shelling of the Sumy region: Russians damaged an infrastructure facility

Two people died in the Sumy region <9>Army of Belopolye, Sumy region, writes “Public” with reference to the commentary of the Belopolsky city the head of Yuri Zark.

It is known that during the shelling, a hit to a critical infrastructure facility was recorded.

“There were two explosions. It is not yet clear whether they were missiles, KABs… Houses were also damaged local residents. There is no information about the wounded or dead. The scale of destruction is being clarified,” Zarco emphasized.

City residents are asked to stock up on water.< /p>

The Russian army attacked the civilian infrastructure of the city of Konotop and populated areas points of the Sumy region.


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