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Shmigal: In 2023, Ukraine increased the production of mortar shells by 42 times

A new growth peak is expected in 2024, the head of government said.

Szmigal: In 2023, Ukraine increased the production of mortar shells by 42 times

Prime Minister >In 2023, Ukraine increased the production of mortar shells shells by 42 times, artillery shells by 2.5 times.

Prime Minister Denis Shmigal announced this at a government meeting.

“We expect a new peak of growth in 2024. This will be facilitated by deregulation, which has already been carried out. Clear algorithms for the development and acceptance of products have been established. This will attract even more Ukrainian manufacturers to fulfill defense orders,” said the head of government.

< p>Shmigal added that in order to coordinate the work of ministries and departments, defense enterprises and the expert community, the Industrial Defense Committee of Ukraine was created last week and its first meeting has already taken place. The Prime Minister said that he had made “a number of important decisions to synchronize our activities and for their better results.”

Our state also hopes for the support of its partners. In particular, to the European Union, which promised to provide a million ammunition.

Szmigal said that “the defense complex of the European Union is gaining momentum” and recalled the call of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for European countries to combine their military orders to create large-scale production.

“Ukraine fully agrees with this approach. This will allow us to sign long-term contracts with European defense companies, which will make military assistance stable and predictable,” said the head of government.

Szmigal added, that the priority is joint defense enterprises, in particular, with the localization of production on the territory of Ukraine. Work is underway on this with the German concern Rheinmetall, and there are also agreements with American, Polish, Turkish, British partners and other countries.


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