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Sirskiy has reached out to volunteers: we are collecting everything so that everyone can find a place to begin with

ZSU Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Sirsky turned violent towards Ukrainian volunteers. He informed the military officers and indicated that the command was to collect everything so that everyone could find a place in the army up to the novice level.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through a message to the commander on Facebook.

Sirskiy greetings in Ukrainian soldiers on the Day of Ukrainian Volunteers.

“Exactly 10 years ago, on the 14th of February, France, right from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, hundreds of Maidan Self-Defense fighters destroyed the village of Novaya Petrivtsya in the Kiev region. They became fighters of the first volunteer battalion of the National Guards of Ukraine. For several days, volunteer battalions were already organized in rich places of Ukraine. Yesterday’s teachers, doctors, students, entrepreneurs, athletes, and activists made their choice – to defend the independence of Ukraine,” he said with his head.

Vin said that Ukrainian volunteers were in the protection of U region in the zone of Anti-terrorist operation at the gathering, and In the harsh year of 2022, many soldiers voluntarily mobilized to join the army.

“Commanding the defense of the capital, I gave the order to mobilize all volunteers directly through brigades and battalions, based on the territorial defense forces, because we understand that the volunteers came to defend their homelands, their local streets and places, their land. Looking at these drawings, I am still sane “The Russians will not be able to parade near Kiev. Not in three days, not in three months. Not at all,” Sirsky said.

The ZSU Chief Commander remembered the fallen soldiers and asked Ukrainian volunteers to serve soldiers and those who are planning to join the army.

“We will sort out everything so that for your skin and skin there is a place suitable for your skills, abilities and abilities,” added Sirsky.

What's happening at the front

It seems likely that the Russian occupiers have intensified the assault on the front. Zokrem, the Russians decided to take over Avdiivka and neighboring villages. Ale Defense forces knocked out the gates from Orlivka and Krasnogorivka at the gathering of Ukraine.

Previously, the riverman of the OSV “Khortytsia” Illa Yavlash reported that the occupiers would try to stop Chasiv Yar near the Donetsk region, and in the country in settlements Ivanivske and Bogdanivka already go battle.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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