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Skin health: TOP 5 cars with unique design

It’s difficult to create a car with an enemy appearance – it’s difficult to then launch it into series and sell for as many as possible, How to ensure its profitability and the burning sensation. In fact, there have been a lot of such models in the history of the light automobile industry, and we have chosen five in our opinion as the most important.

Read about low-volume serial cars with an unimportant design in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

< em >During the preparation of the publication, materials from Autocar, Autobild, “Autocentre” and manufacturing companies were used.

It’s fair to say that, despite the fact that this is another design marvel, one wonders: why? Why did they cut up the car like this? The truth is, and not forever, marketing will be haunted – otherwise the designers simply couldn’t do it any other way. Our selection will try to deal with these foods as well.

Messerschmitt KR175/KR200

The marvelous machine was called a “cabin roller” – almost like a motor scooter with a cab. The transport was favored by the Nazis not only in name, but also in the layout of the cabin and the seating through a plexiglass hood that flops to the side. The motorized stroller was actually produced at the factories of a large aircraft manufacturer, and it was designed by an effective aviation engineer, albeit with a different nickname. In this way, we solve the key problem of mini-car designers – linking the passenger seats with the doors and front wheels in keeping with the minimum dimensions of the car. It is impossible to say which solution is ideal (for example, another German aviation company produced a more beautiful product), but those that are original and inexpensive, without a doubt. The motorized stroller is highly respected, having been produced for 9 years with a circulation of 26 thousand units.

LuAZ-967 TPK

It’s a unique car, it was just released into Lutsk. On one side, there is a TPK, a transporter on the front edge, so it’s right in the middle for the battlefield. On the other hand, there is a car, because everything is necessary for the ruin of the streets of the city and thus removes the license plates of the installed sign. But this “two in one” is by no means the main advantage of the LuAZ-967. First of all, due to the peculiarities of the 4×4 transmission, the car has high axle bearings, so that on off-road vehicles it can handle all terrain with a ground clearance of 285 mm. In other words, it can swim, and even it is an amphibian. Thirdly, the TPK has a very low silhouette – less than 1.15 m with folded glass and kerma. Look, the car is equipped so that you can drive it recumbent – and there are three recumbents! This is necessary for short camouflage on the battlefield. And the remaining popular feature, which was previously prominent in this segment, seems to be the case with Land Rover: the driver sits in the middle of the car – so that passengers can sit (or lie) on both sides. LuAZ-967 was produced over a long period of time for the needs of many armies, having survived them all at once in their own lands, and also another restyling, a period of forgetfulness and growth at the same time as the period of love and infatuation.

Fiat Multipla II

Far from understanding the automotive world, people consistently include this car in their ratings of the worst models of all times and peoples. Meanwhile, it is truly an extraordinary car, not because of the unusual styling of the front end, but because of the body shape and layout. The car is shorter than its competitors, and has more space, six full-time seats and a large trunk (430 liters with a 6-car cabin configuration). All this – just three seats in two rows and straight sides in the passenger and luggage compartment area; which can be increased up to 1300 – 1900 l by folding or dismantling the seats. Options for transforming a quiet and comfortable interior (with equal delay!) convey a wide variety of seat position combinations (including water). Thanks to the design, the Museum of Daily Mystery was highly rated in New York, and in Europe, the Fiat Multipla was recently reclaimed the title “Family Car of the Rock.”

Nissan Cube

A completely different twist: the Japanese made the rear of the car “one-sided” based on designer markings. Compact at the back there is one primary and one attached rack with side slides. Moreover, the left- and right-hand drive versions had their own stand behind the slope – obviously right and left.

It’s important that in the first generation “Cube” it was completely normal, then symmetrical, or only two others buv, grant, skew . It seems that this was an unimportant design decision, and even this conceptually Japanese compact van sold well not only in the Fatherland, but also in Europe and America.

Plymouth Prowler

One of the models, originally released in the late 1990s retro era, is really more outrageous than nostalgia. Behind the chassis, it is actually a sports car with acceleration up to 100 km/year in 5.9 – 7.2 seconds. The pure charisma of this factory hot rod was reflected in the thoroughbred layout: front engine and rear wheel drive with a removable gearbox at the drive wheels. The latest edition contains 11.7 thousand copies, which is generally not a lot for America. Virobnik was insured for more, but similar, for a very niche, wonderful and completely impractical machine with a price of 38 – 44 thousand dollars and it was not bad. The attacker who replaced the Prowler on the assembly line, becoming the Chrysler Crossfire – an absolutely cross-cutting car.


You can find a car with a non-standard design only in the catalogs of the Geneva Motor Show (as anyone else remembers). In Ukrainian car markets, they also sell cartridges in a stylistic sense model, and what is typical is that they often ask for more for them than for analogues with a banal appearance. If you want to win the Great Patriotic War, what can you do to make a concrete deal with the distillers from behind the border? Moreover, in Europe and America, serial cars, depending on their life and mileage, lose their price regardless of their stylistic features.

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