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Snow and wet snow in most areas. Today it will warm up to +17: weather for tomorrow

Tomorrow, 11 p.m., there will be rain in most regions of Ukraine and wet snow today. On the day again it will warm up to +17 in some places.

RBC-Ukraine writes about this with messages to the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

“It’s gloomy. In the snowy part and most of the central regions there is no significant fall, in the majority of the territory there is little rain, at night in the snowy areas there is wet snow, in similar areas there is dead wet snow,” writes the press service.

For most of the territory there is fog at night. There is some icy conditions on the roads in the snow and similar areas.

The wind will be fresh, rainy, 7-12 m/s.


Photo: weather on February 11 (

Weather in Kiev and region

“It's gloomy. A small rainfall, with wet snow at night. There is fog at night. There is icy conditions on the roads in places. The wind is rainy, 7-12 m/s”, – write the press service.

It is clear that the temperature in the Kiev region at night ranges from +1 to +6, and during the day from +3 to +8. Sometimes in Kiev at night it is +1 to +3 and during the day it is close to +5.

Bad weather in the Kiev region

“On the 11th of the fierce night there was fog, visibility 200-500 meters, the first level of insecurity. Weather conditions can lead to disruption of transport on nearby sections of roads and streets b “, the press service adds.

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