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So far there has been no strengthening or weakening of mobilization. It has continued continuously since February 2022, – representative of the Ground Forces

Vladimir Fityo says that standard notification measures are now taking place.

Currently there is no increase or decrease in mobilization. It has been continuing continuously since February 2022, & /p> Illustrative photo </p>
<p>The head of the public relations service of the command of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Vladimir Fityo, commented on the information about the likely increase in the delivery of subpoenas in Ukraine and said that so far there has been no strengthening or easing of mobilization.</p>
<p>He said this. on the telethon. </p>
<p>“Currently, the ongoing mobilization has been ongoing since February 2022. Warning measures are carried out in public places. That is, where the law does not prohibit it, TCC representatives can carry out warning measures. There are no enhancements or easing at this time. Standard warning measures are being taken,” the speaker said. </p>
<p>He noted that people who received the first summons should understand that the first summons is to clarify military records. According to it, you need to appear at the TCC, provide documents, undergo a medical examination, and determine the level of suitability or unsuitability for military service. If there are reasons for receiving a deferment, then provide them, because now those liable for military service must update their personal data in person. </p>
<li>Meanwhile, the relevant Committee of the Council began consideration of the draft law on mobilization. Zaluzhny and Umerov were called to report. According to the forecast of Aarachmia's “servant”, the discussion will last several days.</li>
<li>The preparation of this bill has been going on for several months. We discussed what was first proposed in it here.</li>
<li>LB sources reported that parliament is preparing to vote for the new bill on January 10.</li>
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