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“Soldiers praise them.” How to arrange fortifications at the front and the ever-needed “armored capsules”

At Avdiyivskyi, fortification disputes will immediately be on another frontier. These are high-quality wooden trenches, also equipped with concrete bunkers, also called “armored capsules”.

RBC-Ukraine reports this directly from Dmitry Likhov, the head of the Tavria Defense Forces. I'm on the air telethon.

“This is a different line of defense that we can achieve and from now on our hunters are going to end battlefields in close proximity. “It’s already close to 2 kilometers and a little deeper into the depth of the defense of the mechanized brigades,” Likhovy said.

According to the riverman, the system of new strongholds is, for example, so-called “armored capsules” – concrete bunkers. However, mostly fortifications are built from high-quality wooden trenches, the depth of which reaches up to two meters. In addition, there are a number of cases:

  • protect from FPV drones;
  • the defense looms due to the artillery attack;
  • possessed with painted fire cells.

“Soldiers to praise them. Well, I’ll tell you, this is a fortification system that doesn’t have the appearance of a wall, which everyone wants to be consistent with their stereotypes. This is the disorganization of dozens of surrounding trench systems, like vicor exude the elements of the relief, the peculiarities of the locality, the landscape heights , the waters have crossed,” Likhovy explained.

I also added that fortification systems operate in conjunction with anti-tank ditches and caponiers.

“The stinks are already on another line of defense, then, in fact, the stinks are not yet being victorious for direct reasons. They are ready to earn money at once,” the riverman of the united president of the Tavriysky Defense Forces told him bluntly.

The situation in Avdiivskyi directly

In the 17th century, the head commander of the ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky announced the decision to withdraw the Ukrainian troops from the Avdiivskyi Donetsk region, which was under the threat of a desperate enemy ohm Already on the next day, Likhov stated that the Defense Forces had completed the withdrawal of infantry from the place.

In this case, the Russian armies did not stop at the buried Avdiivka and would continue to advance. 26 heavy ZSU was built near the village of Lastochkina, Donetsk region, which was deployed 6 km from Avdiivka. And on the 27th of February they came from the villages of Severne and Stepove on the Avdiivka direct.

As we discovered yesterday, the 6th of February, Likhovy, the enemy was stuck in the Avdiivka area and we can’t go further. The main forces of the Russians concentrated near the Novomikhaylivka area.

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