• 19/07/2024 21:01

Special Forces fighters fired HIMARS at the crew of the occupiers, as they launched ZALA drones (video)

Special Operations Forces fighters fired HIMARS at the enemy crew of the UAV, which launched the ZALA drones on To Zaporizky directly.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a message on Telegram MTR.

As it turns out, directly to Zaporizky the operators of one of the SSO units identified the crew of the UPS ZALA of the enemy, who wanted to carry out reconnaissance operations.

Operators directed and tracked down the HIMARS fire of the artillery unit of the Defense Forces.

As a result of the fire, the crew of the UAVs, etc. This is the transport and the enemy drone .

Russia's investments in Ukraine

According to the General Staff, Russia's investments in the war in Ukraine at the beginning of the middle, 3 September, accumulated 680 occupiers, the number of illegal expenses of the Russian army was initially invaded We have 361,500 military units. In addition, the ZSU destroyed 36 UAVs and 73 missiles.

Zokrem, in the Tavria region directly last year, Ukrainian fighters eliminated at least 400 Russian occupiers. The ZSU also acquired 40 units of military equipment for the enemy.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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