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Special operation involving the GUR. The Russian ship “Sergiy Kotov” was attacked in Crimea, – Dzherelo

Ukrainian drones hit the Russian ship “Sergiy Kotov” near Crimea. This is a special operation with the participation of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

RBC-Ukraine was told about this by a security officer in the special services.

A security officer in the special services confirmed the attack on the Russian patrol ship Project 22160 “Sergiy Kotov”. According to the data, a special operation was carried out with the participation of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

It is also clear that the enemy ship was attacked by sea drones, the spy agency adds.

What is this ship

” Sergiy Kotov is a modular patrol ship of Project 22160. It is one of the newest ships in the Russian Navy. When launched in 2021, it became the fourth ship in the series, joining the ranks of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

External water capacity – 1800 tons, crew consists of 28 people, navigation autonomy increases to 60 dB .

What was the wind

I guess that these nights in the area of ​​​​the time-occupied Kerch there was a slight vibration. It was reported that as a result of the drone attack, the Russian ship “Sergiy Kotov” was sunk. Later, the pro-Russian media themselves began to confirm this.

It was reported that the ship was sinking to the bottom and there were casualties among the crew. According to the report, eyewitnesses near Kerch found five heavy injuries.

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