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Stolen to Russia in 2014. What do you know about the All-Russian Cultural Center “Kostyantin Olshansky”

Ukrainian defense forces hit the great landing ship “Kostyantin Olshansky” with a Neptune missile on 24 February. This VDK Russia stole from Ukraine in 2014 under the hour of occupation of Crimea.

RBC-Ukraine in the material is less clear about what is known about the VDK “Kostyantin Olshansky”.

During the hour of preparing the material, the following were searched: statements of the ZSU Navy riverine officer Dmitry Pletenchuk, “Criminal Realities”, “Military”, and other data from various vessels.

What do you know about this ship?

“Kostyantin Olshansky” is a representative of Project 775, NATO codified Ropucha, a great landing ship. VDK is a large-deck, flat-bottomed landing ship of the ocean zone with a drinking tank and a flexible stern deck.

The names of the commander of the enclosure of 68 paratroopers who took part in the expulsion of the Nazi occupiers from Mykolayiv during the Other Light War – Kostyantin Olshansky.

The design of this airborne assault force will remain in the hands of the courts , specialists behind the “Ro-Ro” system “from the tank deck, to go through the entire interior of the ship.

The main functions of the great landing ship are the reception from the owned or unowned coast of tracked, wheeled and any military transport equipment and infantry equipment, transportation of them by sea and landings both in possession, and and it is not possible to preserve the fundus with a small shelity through an open nasal passage, as well as receiving from the water, transporting by sea and launching floating equipment through an open bow or stern device.

The ship can be used for setting up mine barriers, for delivering humanitarian aid and evacuating the population from unsafe areas. In addition, the landing ship can be used for the transport of military forces, the provision of ships and parts of the fleet at points of pink base.

As a rule, Project 775 ships operate at the warehouse of the naval landing group or at the warehouse for the corral of peacekeeping forces, but can also perform their functions independently, without the ships being protected.

Technical characteristics

VDK can be taken into account no option of attraction: 150 people and 10 tanks type T-55 with a crew of 40 people; 12 PT-76 tanks with a crew of 36 people; built at the warehouse 3 tanks of the T-55 type with a crew of 12 people, 3 120-mm mortars, 3 combat vehicles of the 2P27 type, 4 ZIL-130 vehicles, 4 GAZ-66 and one GAZ-69 light utility vehicle . Special warehouse for the landing force – 147 people.

The ship is designed to transport vantage with a load of 650 tons over a distance of 4,700 miles (7,563.9 km) and sail in all non-freezing seas and oceans without limiting the sea and wind. We also know about the following characteristics:

Dovzhina – 112.59 m. Width – 15 m. Height – 12 m. Draft – 3.7 m.


Technical data:


History of the construction

“Kostiantyn Olshansky” built in 1985 at the shipyard “Pivnichna Shipyard” near Gdansk (Poland).

From 1985 to 1996, the ship entered the warehouse of the Black Sea Fleet and defeated the authorities in this class of ships for tasks: initial landings, combat service in the Mediterranean Sea.

27 February 1996 the ship became ensign B Iyskovo-Maritime Forces of Ukraine . In an hour of training at the Ukrainian Navy, the airborne landing craft “Kostyantin Olshansky” took the fate of many naval calls.

On February 22, 2011, the ship crashed to Libya, in order to evacuate the Ukrainian citizens from the country, where an uprising broke out, taking on board 193 passengers, of which 85 citizens from Ukraine and 108 citizens from 14 countries in the world and the 4th century, crashing back to Malta, it was 79 people were dispatched, after this, with the people of Ukraine and the SND, flying to Sevastopol, where they arrived on the 11th quarter.

Buried by the occupiers in Crimea

As a result of the occupation of the peninsula of Crimea by the Russian military, on the night of 6 February 2014, six warships of the Ukrainian Navy were blocked in Lake Donuzlav. The blockade resulted in the flooding of the commands of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy of several decommissioned ships.

20 February, the Russian military issued an ultimatum to the Ukrainian military about the transition to the Russian Empire. The crew of the ship “Kostyantin Olshansky” was one of those who accepted this ultimatum and lost their loyal oath. 21 Bereznya crew formed a three-dimensional defense together with another ship of the Ukrainian Navy, the minesweeper “Cherkasy”.

On 24 February, most of the crew lost the ship without moving to the Russian coast. The ship lost 20 troops, who, according to the ship’s commander, “may stand until the end.” On February 24, nearly 200 Russian attack aircraft with grenades and automatic armor buried the ship “Kostyantin Olshansky”.

According to the information of Ukrainian snakes, the crew recovered the Russian installation and electronic equipment. nanny. At the beginning of 2014, the large landing ship “Kostyantin Olshansky” was transferred to the station of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation near the city of Sevastopol.

In 2024, Russian media wrote that “Kostyantin Olshansky” will not be transferred to the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Federation intends to dispose of it.

Enmity of “Kostyantin Olshansky”

Guess what, 24 February 2024 fate Ukrainian defense forces hit anti-ship missile “Neptune” ship “Kostyantin Olshansky”. This was officially confirmed by Dmytro Pletenchuk, a riverine officer of the Military-Marine Forces ZSU.

In his words, the Russians robbed this airborne conglomerate for 9 years, knowing the ownership and victorious for the repair of the power ships of this project, so it was not possible to steal the ownership from Poland through the front agencies of the Russian Federation.

“And on 10 rivers” The wars (occupiers – ed.) realized that their great landing ships of Project 7775 would end and the decision to renovate them was praised. We understand that it would be necessary to collect information in order to report to the Moscow “Kerivnitsva and other information in Russia about how they renovated one of their ships. This ship was a little victorious against Ukraine, unfortunately. So it was decided to attack this one with our “Neptune,” Pletenchuk said .

It is respectful that besides the Kostiantyn Olshansky, the Ukrainian military decided to attack other great landing ships in Crimea, and the Yamal and Azov itself.

Also, the Navy confirmed the hostility of the Russian middle new exploration ship “Ivan Khurs”.

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