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Superechka between Macron and Scholz: a political scientist has assessed what the legacy will be for Ukraine

After the lute summit, the EU in Paris announced the possible sending of troops to Ukraine Today the serpents began to write about the welding between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. However, for Ukraine, hopefully, there will be no negative consequences from this discussion.

Read about this in the RBC-Ukraine article “Ice period”. What is the conflict between Scholz and Macron and what does this mean for Ukraine? /p>

“Both in Paris and in Berlin understand that we need help. The smut, so that the stench will soon prevail and food. I guess, in 2022, the most powerful position of Scholz, Macron and the current Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi spoke about granting candidate status to enter the EU. Although there is no military support, Macron simply failed to beat the story with the Taurus. I am sure that the leaders are offended to preserve solidarity,” Fesenko said.

Behind these words, today one can feel the lack of leadership in Europe, which has become clear to the US and NATO, and now it is not a fact that it will be revealed at the right moment. Scholz is especially unprepared for leadership, but for the rich people of Germany, he wanted to become a decision maker in the Ukrainian region, according to the bottom line.

“He doesn’t have the authority, systemicity and political leadership that Angela Merkel had. What’s Macron’s problem? Let’s say that you are a leader, and be him in the right way – different speeches. He doesn’t want to wait, run in front of the locomotive and vote Ionersk Ideas. This screams songs of jealousy from the side of the Germans, who have started to do things differently: wait, formalize things further. I don’t see a big problem in the difference in political styles, it’s not critical. I Ukraine And you won’t get into trouble. In the special hundred-years of Scholz and Macron for us There are no problems. The real problem for us is the United States and the American Congress,” said the political scientist.

Superechka between Macron and Scholz

Bloomberg recently reported that French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz do not get along with each other. According to recent data, Macron views Scholz as a leader without humility or ambition, and in Berlin the French President is perceived as a monarchical figure who is more likely to see grandiose plans without implementing them.

Those who don't get along with Scholz and Macron , learned from Bloomberg and close aides of the German Chancellor. There, Macron is perceived as a monarchist figure who can only see grandiose plans, but not implement them.

The tension between the Chancellor of Germany and the President of France is causing concern among German Social Democrats. Thus, in Scholz’s party, they were ahead of the fact that such a super-rechka is not safe for Ukraine.

It is significant that the super-rechka has struck a chord with the EU leaders in Paris, de Macron not including that NATO can introduce troops to help Ukraine. Scholz immediately raised such possibility.

For days, Macron clarified that the military’s food service “cannot turn off anything.” This only means the beginnings of a discussion about aid to Ukraine on its territory, and not that Paris seriously considers such a possibility. In my opinion, the moment is approaching when Europe “doesn’t want to be afraid,” and its partners need to get active.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius called the statement counterproductive and one that does not help solve the problems of assistance to Ukraine no. Pіznche President of the French, who did not smell on Sobza Berlin, but the deprivation of the “struggle” of the Allies.

Okrim, behind the words of one member of the Lutnoye Samita at Paris, Macron, who was the same The construction of Ukraine is being done against. But these words were supported by context, as many of those who respected Scholz’s unimportant behavior at the power transmission of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

“Many of these people, who seem to be “none of these days”, were the same people, as they said, “no tanks, no planes, no long-range missiles” are two reasons for that… I know the world in which Germany and France were today one with one,” the French president also said.

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