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Support, irrevocability of membership and more. Praising NATO for Ukraine

In Washington, from 9 to 11, the anniversary 75th NATO summit is taking place. One of the key feeds for the zustria was the strengthening of Ukraine within the framework of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the country’s request to join the Alliance and much more.

For more details, what was praised at the NATO summit for Ukraine – in the material i RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, information from the declaration of the Washington Summit, published on the NATO website, was collected.

Provided support

NATO reaffirmed its determination to support Ukraine in achieving its full potential to overcome Russian aggression today and in the future. With this, the members of the Alliance intend to provide Ukraine with minimum basic funding in the amount of 40 billion euros over the coming period and ensure a stable supply of food security assistance.

Call for expands on expenses related to the Ukrainian military Poladnannya, help that navchannya. Zokrema, language go about:

  • I will purchase military equipment for Ukraine;
  • material assistance to Ukraine;
  • expenses related to maintenance, logistics and transportation of military equipment for Ukraine;
  • expenses for Yskova preparation for Ukraine;
  • operational expenditures related to military support to Ukraine;
  • investments and support of defense infrastructure and defense industry of Ukraine;
  • all contributions to trusts them NATO funds for Ukraine, including non-lethal assistance.

In addition to the military support provided by this whole package, members of the Alliance intend to continue to provide political, economic, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine.


In a declaration in Washington, the leaders of the NATO powers voiced their praise for the decision to create a National Security Assistance and Assistance Unit for Ukraine (NSATU) to coordinate the supply of military equipment and prepare a special warehouse. The goal is to put the security assistance of Ukraine on a basic basis, securely reinforced, transferred and supported.

As it is stated, NSATU, as an active force in the countries of the Alliance, supports the self-defense of Ukraine in Subject to the UN Statute. The newly created service will not make NATO a party to the conflict. We will support the transformation of the defense and security forces of Ukraine, ensuring further integration with NATO.

Joint Center for Analysis, Preparation and Research Ukraine-NATO (JATEC)

In addition, the Center for Analysis, Preparation and Development of Ukraine-NATO (JATEC) has expanded its work as an important approach to practical research to highlight and consolidate the lessons of the Russian war against Ukraine and improve operational capabilities And Ukraine is from NATO.

The irrevocability of Ukraine’s membership in NATO

The final NATO declaration stipulates that Ukraine will be in the Alliance. Zokrema, the region is becoming increasingly operationally and politically integrated with the military bloc.

There is progress in NATO, which Ukraine has achieved since Vilnius itself through the necessary democratic, economic and security reforms. The Alliance also called the mind for which Ukraine will send a request to the military bloc.

“As long as Ukraine continues its vital work, we will continue to support them on the non-return path until the return to Europe lantic integration, including NATO membership. Once again we confirm that we can send a request to Ukraine to join the Alliance, if the members of the Alliance get along with each other and become victorious,” she said.

Criticism of Iran and the DPRK

The leaders of the NATO member countries criticized Iran and the DPRK for promoting Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, giving direct military support to the Russian Federation.

Zokrema, ammunition and UAVs, which seriously inundated It contributes to Euro-Atlantic security and supports the global security regime.< /p>

“We decide to condemn the export of artillery shells and ballistic missiles by the DPRK, which is a violation of numerous UN Security Resolutions, and with great concern we call for the deepening of ties between the DPRK and Russia. Any transfer of ballistic missiles and related technologies by Iran to Russia would constitute a serious escalation,” the document states.

Statement on China

The North Atlantic Alliance has made two strong statements staunchly PRC. In short, the declaration states that China has become the decisive factor in Russia's war against Ukraine.

“The PRC has become the main agent of Russia’s war against Ukraine through its so-called “borderless” partnership and large-scale support of Russia’s defense-industrial base. This will increase the threat that Russia poses to its neighbors and to the EU lantern security,” the document says.

In connection with this, the Alliance called on China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, which bears special responsibility for upholding the goals and principles of the UN Statute – to provide both material and political support to the military efforts of the Russian Federation. The document clarified that it is about the transfer of materials of secondary importance. Zokrem, components of the animal, possessed and orphaned, which serve as resources for the defense sector of Russia.

In addition, NATO stated that China continues to create systemic problems for Euro-Atlantic security.

“We have become evidence of persistently dangerous cyber and hybrid activities, including disinformation, which is similar to the PRC. Cyberspace. We are stimulated by the development of space capabilities and activities of the People's Republic of China. in space. China will continue to rapidly expand and diversify its nuclear arsenal, increasing the number of warheads and increasing the number of collapsible delivery systems,” the statement says.

NATO called on the PRC to participate in the negotiations. We need to reduce strategic risks and conflict stability for additional insight. The alliance has indicated that it is no longer open to constructive interaction with China.

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