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Sweden provided over a thousand tons of assistance to the Ukrainian energy sector during the war

Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Sweden has given 93 humanitarian reasons with a hidden attack 1108 tons of additional assistance to the energy sector of Ukraine .

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with a message to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

The webinar “Updating the energy sector of Ukraine: opportunities for Swedish business” is about to begin with the title and title of Ambassador Sh vecії Martin Åberg has spoken We are ready to continue to support our state against renewed Russian attacks.

“The participation of representatives from over 50 companies confirmed the high importance of Swedish business in investing in Ukraine,” he said.

Minister of Energy German Galushchenko emphasized the importance of supporting the Scandinavian region's energy resilience of our state in the view of contributions to the fund for supporting the energy sector of Ukraine, which accumulated 25.27 million euro.

“I want to especially highlight our development in the nuclear industry and the production of a new type of burning material at the American company Westinghouse in Sweden in conjunction with the representatives of the Ukrainian Energoatom. into one of our reactors, which is operating successfully,” Galushchenko said.

We also added that during the war, Sweden delivered to Ukraine 93 humanitarian supplies with a cargo load of 1,108 tons, including generators, transformers, substations and other equipment for carrying out repairs on the power supply. objects after enemy attacks.

Aid to Ukraine from Sweden

At the end of the fall, it was reported that Sweden would see financial assistance to Ukraine. The money will go to the Grain From Ukraine initiative.

On the 11th, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson voted for a new aid package for Ukraine worth $133.5 million, energy boosting creams winter period.

Also, Sweden, together with Britain, recently joined the coalition of drones for Ukraine.

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