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Switzerland will allocate more than UAH 80 million to support the reform of vocational education in Ukraine.

Six areas have been chosen where they will experiment with a model of cooperation between local educational institutions, communities, vocational schools, schools and businesses.

Switzerland will allocate more than 80 million hryvnia in support of vocational education reform in Ukraine.

This was announced by the Minister of Education and Science Oksen Lesnoy.

According to Lisovoy, the Swiss-Ukrainian project DECIDE will provide expert and technical support in the implementation of the reform. It will focus on the following tasks:

The minister also said that in Ukraine they want to launch piloting models of cooperation between regional military administrations, communities, vocational schools, schools and businesses, and six regions have been selected for this. Lesnoy explained that this is being done in order to develop a system of career support for students.

“Today, less than half of Ukrainian schoolchildren choose vocational schools. One of the reasons is a number of stereotypes associated with these institutions, another reason is that children simply do not know what professions are actually in demand on the labor market, what are the advantages of studying in vocational schools “, explained the head of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Minister noted that as part of the pilot project, 10 vocational technicians and 10 partner communities will be identified in the selected areas. “Vocational education institutions will receive grants for the creation of career guidance hubs and expert support in developing development strategies, in particular interaction with business,” Lesnoy added. accompanying students in choosing a profession. Communities will receive grants for career guidance activities and join in the training of career advisors.

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