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Szmigal explained how the government plans to distribute $60 billion from the United States

In particular, almost $50 billion of this amount will go to defense needs.

Prime Minister Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal explained how the government plans to distribute more than $60 billion in aid that the US House of Representatives passed today (the bill must still pass the Senate and then be signed by President Biden).

“The need to adopt an aid package was discussed with all stakeholders during the visit of the government delegation to the United States. We held a number of important negotiations with representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties. I thank the representatives of both parties and the American people for their solidarity,” the prime minister wrote on Telegram.

The total amount of assistance is almost 61 billion dollars:

The Prime Minister expressed hope for successful approval of the bill in the Senate in the coming days.< /p>

“Its implementation will mean more weapons for Ukraine, including long-range weapons and air defense systems. Strengthening macro-financial sustainability, including in financing the highest priority budget expenditures. Continued rapid renewal, especially of critical infrastructure. The United States once again demonstrates leadership and determination to fight for peace, security and a better future for Ukraine, Europe and the whole world,” Szmigal noted.

We would like to remind you that the US House of Representatives also passed today a bill on the seizure of frozen assets Russian Federation in favor of Ukraine. Ukraine could receive about $8 billion of frozen Russian assets.

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