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Tens of thousands of people will need prosthetics during the war in Ukraine, – expert

Due to injuries during the war in Ukraine, tens of thousands of veterans needed prosthetics. Through the invasion of the Russian Federation, the structure of the amputatsky was snaken through the invaders of the Russian Federation.

about the Matterail of RBC-Ukrainian, “Yak Veterana to pass the reabiliytatsya pіslya.”

Most amputations in the past were carried out due to diseases of the legs. For example, diabetes. Partially – through oncology and injuries, caused by road accidents. But thanks to the aggression of the Russian Federation, thousands of patients began to require prosthetics and rehabilitation. The need became great.

Rehabilitation was fatal. However, the situation has improved dramatically, but the war and its inheritance are a great cry, comments RBC-Ukraine, medical director of the Superhumans center and the head of the NHSU, Andriy Vilensky.

“Due to the war in Ukraine, the structure of amputation is different. 30% and more are from the upper end, most of the amputation is from the lower part of the spine. Sometimes a soldier needs to amputate two arms and two legs,” according to the analysis This is due to the situation.

Behind the words of Vilensky, the process of turning to the civilian life of the likivannya pirl is wounded by the mayor of the tsilsem, and in the Ukrainian dosi reabilitatsky, and the prosthetic – the ceres to the minsonspolitics. If you want prosthetics, this is the warehouse part of rehabilitation.

“The data about consumption will be closed at the hour of war, otherwise the great will drink otherwise. I would estimate that there are tens of thousands of people who need prosthetics,” adds Vilensky.

Also, in Ukraine there were no training programs before ki In this way, we are laying the foundation for the future, and the patient will need rehabilitation throughout his life. Before that, the prosthesis itself will need to be changed in two or three days,” adds the spivrozmovnik.

At the Superhumans center in the Lviv region, prosthetic rehabilitation is carried out costlessly for civilians and civilians.

Previously, it was known how to carry out cost-free treatment and rehabilitation of veterans, so you need to know where to go.

Also in Ukraine, they are launching a project within the framework of some dental prosthetics for veterans will be free from catastrophe.

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