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The Air Force explained why there are such short alarms in Ukraine due to the MIG-31K aircraft

The rest of the time in Ukraine there are short periods of alarm through the Russian government. IG-31K. The reason could be a difficult landing of the aircraft or a flight to another airfield. However, it’s still not easy to be unsafe.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a message sent to the riverine officer of the ZSU Military Forces Yuri Ignat on the air telethon.

“At night there were “Shahedi”, and the MiG-31K fighters were shining here in the Tambov region. Well, traditionally. Every day it flies and tests our nervous system. whoa “They can call it “hypersonic”, as they call the Kinjal X-47M2 missile,” said Ignat.

Vin said that it is insanely unsafe, and even Russia has large reserves of “Kindzhals”. There is no need for him to be uneasy.

“In addition, I note that three reconnaissance UAVs were shot down today. Having seriously activated the enemy, reconnaissance began directly in the Kherson region. Here along the Dnieper, drones will be deployed, so that chew the line of the battle line. . PPO systems, which know the Russian pilots too,” said the riverman.

Information on nutrition, which is why the remaining alarm was raised on the 16th century, Ignat said that “there is no accurate information, what it's going to be there.”< /p>

“If you fly the MiG-31, you can take off and fly around the airfield there in the airfield area. Then you can perform a landing. Such a demanding flight could happen. You can also vacate the plant. “There is another option, MiG simply has a flight to another airfield. So through the relocation there may also be such short-term worries,” the river driver explained.

Vin added that in the Military Forces there is a possibility of exploration, as well get wet It is possible to more easily remove information in a variety of ways, which can make MIG's insecurity as serious as it is.

“The main information, of course, we receive from our closest partners. These are threats such as: the attack on the MIG-31, the attack on strategic aviation, the entry of ships into the sea and their preparation before launch.” “Caliber.” We withhold all information from our allies.” , – Ignat said.

Renewed alarms through the evil of the MiG

It seems that recently the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky instructed the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the ZSU to find a solution, or agreed The MiG-31K fires did not paralyze Ukraine with global anxiety. Behind the yogo words, the ryens of the defense of the Country of the Country, perceive the method of the react to the gigarette.

yak vіdnovyvi yuri izhnat, the rosennya of the triviliu, the Polds of the Rosiecy Vinishchyvs are not forgiven. Infections over these foods are being tested by the relevant departments based on the findings of the leading doctors.

We later learned that in Ukraine there are no plans to change the system of notifying the population about the renewed threat through zlit MiGa, abi do not risk it.

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