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The Army of Great Britain is not ready for a full-scale war, – MPs

Deputies to the Parliament of Great Britain stated that the entire region is not sufficiently prepared for the future large-scale war. This foreshadows the risk that the British Armed Forces will exhaust their capabilities after the first few months of the war “peer-to-peer”.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from reports on The Independent.

The report is sent to the Defense Committee of the House of Communities, which means that the British military will not be prepared properly before a large-scale war. The government of the country may be facing the problem of a shortage of supplies and a crisis in the recruitment of personnel.

“The military is constantly re-emphasizing, and the immediate pressure on the special warehouse is aggravating the crisis in recruitment and the crisis in the special warehouse, as a result of which more people are deprived of spare parts.” do not force, do not enter before them,” the deputies advance.

According to the words of the cross-party group of politicians, the pace of ongoing military operations in the world suggests that the ministers risk “being unable to ensure proper combat and strategic readiness.” This could jeopardize the security of Great Britain.

Deputies were ahead of the curve that the efforts of the Ministry of Defense, aimed at top-level problems, “are not being implemented at the required pace.”

Comm Research tetu z nutrition defense It has been confirmed that the “shortening” of the Armed Forces since 2010 has undermined the military strength of Great Britain. The short term means that they will exhaust their potential after the first few months of participating in the war “peaceful-peaceful.”

This happened after Defense Minister Grant Shapps warned that the world was “collapsed from post-war to pre-war” and Great Britain was obliged to ensure the readiness of “the entire defense ecosystem” before the destruction of its fathers shchini.

U Sichny army officer General Ser Patrick Sanders said that Britain is guilty but is ready to form a “huge army” of tens of thousands of people in case of war with such countries as the Russian Federation. In his words, it is extremely important to lay the foundations of “national mobilization.”

In their new parliament, members of parliament also called on ministers to ensure that the Armed Forces do not lose the resources, training and time needed to fight and defeat the most dangerous high-intensity war. I.

Threat of a full-scale war between Russia and NATO

Guess what, before Chief of the British General Staff Patrick Sanders stated that the British are ready to wage a great war against aggressive Russia.

Recently, the German newspaper Bild reported that the Bundeswehr is preparing to go hybrid and a Russian attack on NATO's similar flank. The video published a scenario of the military beginnings of Germany, when the German armored forces were preparing for a hybrid attack by Russia on a similar NATO flank.

Report on this, military potential either Russia or NATO, and also about how a conflict might develop, – read in the author’s material from RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine Telegram channel. p>

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