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The attack on the Russian ship “Ivanovets” was carried out by Ukrainian-made drones, – Budanov

Six drones hit the ship's hull.

The attack on the Russian ship

Consequences of the attack
MAGURA 5 strikes on Russians. Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, said this in a Warzone commentary.

According to him, this is a marine unmanned robotic vehicle. The attack on Ivanovets was planned and carried out on January 31-February 1.

During special (active) events in the period from January 31 to February 1, the department planned and carried out the destruction of “Ivanovets” in the roadstead of Lake Donuzlav. During the destruction of the said ship, six direct hits were made by naval drones on the ship's hull. stern and sank. According to preliminary data, the enemy's search and rescue operation was not successful,” he said.

The attack occurred more than 130 miles (more than 209 km) from the nearest Ukrainian-controlled port. Budanov did not specify where exactly from drones were launched.


The development of Magura 5 was known before. It is manufactured by the state enterprise SpetsTechnoExport, and the presentation of the invention took place at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2023), Militarny wrote. Unmanned Robotic Apparatus. This is a new generation multi-purpose unmanned surface ship developed in Ukraine. It can carry out various operations, in particular surveillance, reconnaissance, patrolling, search and rescue, mine warfare, maritime security, and combat missions.

  • Yesterday, the Main Intelligence Directorate announced a successful special operation to destroy an enemy missile boat , located at the roadstead of Lake Donuzlav in Crimea. As a result of direct hits, the ship tilted and eventually joined the Russian “underwater” Black Sea fleet – it sank.


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