• 25/07/2024 02:48

The Biden administration called on Congress to praise Turkey's F-16 sales, – Reuters

Turecchyna is close to obtaining F-16 and modernization kits from the USA after the application for enter Sweden to NATO.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Reuters.

The administration of US President Joe Biden went to Congress with requests to praise the sales of the Turkish F-16 and modernization kits already decorous pilots of this type. The amount is estimated at 20 billion dollars.

The US Congress may not praise the sales of Turkey's vinishuvachs, as the country cannot praise Sweden's accession to NATO. Lawmakers said they would check Sweden's application, including the signature of President Erdogan, first to make decisions on sales.

The US Department of State also called on Ankara to officially complete Sweden's ratification of the NATO treaty. For this, Erdogan needs to sign a law, which will then be published in the Official Gazette of Turkey. The document on the annexation of Sweden also needs to be sent to Washington.

Problems with seizing the Turkish F-16s from the Turkish region

We previously reported that the United States planned to transfer the Turkish F-16s after the entry of the centuries before NATO.

After this, Turkey and the United States stated that the praise for Sweden's bid to join NATO was not connected with the sale of the Vinishchuvach F-16. The grievances of both sides felt that there was some neglect, that the favor was the subject of negotiations between them.

The senators also opposed the government of the Turkmen government through the fact that Ankara could vikorize F-16s against NATO allies, or against Greece .

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