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The Border Service has confirmed that it may require military registration documents from men with many children.

The service says that they can also check documents for families with many children due to the large number of forgeries.

The Border Service has confirmed that it can require military registration documents from men with many children

Andrey, Representative of the State Border Service Andrey Demchenko, in a comment to the publication “Ukrainian Pravda”, confirmed that due to repeated cases of falsification of documents, border guards may demand from men who are allowed to cross the border, including parents of large families, an extract from the TCC protocol or a record of deferment in military registration documents .


Earlier, reports began to spread on social networks that Ukrainian men, including disabled people of group 3 and those with many children, were no longer allowed to go abroad without a certificate from the TCC.

In particular, a video appeared online showing how a father with many children, who had previously crossed the border several times, was this time not released without a certificate from the TCC or military registration documents. In the video, the border guard girl says that from 20:00 on December 29, “there is another order.”

“Until 20:00 it was as you say – we just weren’t so demanding, we didn’t demand from you these documents, we only looked at the fact that you have many children, and you crossed (the border – ed.),” she said.

GNSU representative Andrey Demchenko noted that due to repeated falsification of documents, the State NSU may require military registration documents with a record of deferment.

< >“Given that we have repeatedly identified forgeries of documents related to large families, our inspectors can check this condition for the departure of men, including using documents from territorial recruitment centers,” Demchenko said.

According to his information, this may be an extract from the TCC protocol on the decision made to defer, or a record of the deferment in military records.

We have exhausted our internal potential for financing military needs, – the head of the Ministry of Finance for mobilization

The publication notes that earlier on Saturday Demchenko assured that “there are no changes to the Border Crossing Rules, but the State Border Service of Ukraine will always carefully check the conditions of departure and strictly comply with the law.”

  • Late on the evening of December 25, two bills with new mobilization rules, grounds for dismissal from service and increased liability for military offenses were published on the Verkhovna Rada website.
  • For his part, the president believes that the law on mobilization should be discussed publicly, and not “on the sidelines”: “It would be right for the military, together with the deputies, to decide how the next year should be provided for the Defense Forces.”
  • LB.ua has already analyzed the draft of the basic project when a working group worked with it, which included representatives of the General Staff, the Ministry of Defense, the parliamentary committee on national security and defense, as well as various factions.
  • The registered document provides for the possibility of voluntarily resigning after 36 months of continuous service, reduces the conscription age from 27 to 25 years, abolishes military service and introduces compulsory basic military training from 18 years of age. Distribution of summons by email and significant restrictions on the rights of men who left Ukraine if they refuse to register with consular offices.
  • What will mobilization look like in a new way, in particular, about electronic subpoenas and the responsibility of evaders, read in the material LB.ua.
  • The Verkhovna Rada plans to consider the bill on mobilization on January 10, 2024.
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