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The British Parliament called on the head of the Ministry of Health to recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

A group of 13 members of the British Parliament and 5 first signed a letter of resignation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs them by David Cameron With a demand to give Russia a hand before the transfer of Ukrainian sponsors to terrorism.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in its submission to the list of deputies of the British Parliament.

As deputies tell the parliament, Ukrainians will lose their innocence in the face of accusations Russian attacks, however, after two fates of a full-scale war, the life of the civilian population is increasingly collapsing through the barbarity of dictator Volodymyr Putin.

“We therefore clearly declare that the government of Great Britain is responsible for calling Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. Great Britain can become the first great country to defend the Russian state,” the sheet reads.

The sheet states that according to the report published by the British organization “Friends of Ukraine”, as of 11 June 2024, more than 10 thousand civilians died as a result of the war. 150 thousand budynki have been ruined. According to the authors of the sheet, these figures are definitive proof that Russia is a terrorist power. At the same time, actual figures are steadily growing and may become significantly higher.

“Having recognized Russia as a terrorist power, it would not be a bad idea to demonstrate international leadership, and may also become part of the orderly legislation for the transition from freezing until the arrest of Russian assets,” the list explained.

Confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation on the cost of Ukraine

After the European Union was able to obtain permanent income from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine. Diplomats allowed their decisions to transfer the income from the assets of the aggressor country to the local government.

As they wrote, the US urged the countries of the “Great Family” to confiscate frozen Russian assets amounting to 300 billion up to lari for the cost of Ukraine. Such a plan is on the way to accommodate another region of large-scale invasion of Russian occupiers into Ukraine.

According to the words of President Volodymyr Zelensky, the countries of Zakhod are approaching the confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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