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The Cabinet of Ministers will approve a new approach before armoring

The Cabinet of Ministers is approving changes in approaches to armored personnel iv. At the end of the day, it is not only the average salary of workers, but also the level of payment of taxes to the company that will be taken into account.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this by sending Prime Minister Denis Shmigal to the press conference.

” The average salary, the rate of payment of taxes both by individuals and by companies, the influx of businesses and galusies into the economy is the frame of the upcoming armored system that we are working on,” said V.

In the words of the prime minister, we will stand on There are nearly 700 thousand people currently booking for mobilization, and we want to make this approach fair. Sokrema, the priority of the armored vehicle is to preserve those critical to the business economy, and otherwise take away the additional possibility of eliminating enterprises that will replenish the state budget.

“For example, the subordinated importance of enterprises above the average according to Galusia. There is no such official display, but Podatkova gives it to me.” , – explained Shmigal.

Vin explained that the armor needs have changed, because the state relies primarily on the power to strengthen the army. She clarified: to train one fighter, it takes not five, but eight people.

“Eight working people are trying to protect one person, who is kidnapping and risking their lives at the front. If there is less cooperation, then the effectiveness is wasted. And we will not be able to protect our forces security and defense,” adding the prem. 'er.

Guess what, previously the European Business Association called on the government to create effective, balanced mobility standards that would not paralyze the work of parts of the country, and economics.

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