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The checkpoint “Halmeu-Dyakovo” is blocked by the equipment of Romanian farmers

The movement of trucks leaving Ukraine is temporarily suspended.

Checkpoint “The checkpoint that is in front of the international checkpoint “Halmeu-Diacove” farmers blocked the movement of cargo vehicles.

This was reported by the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

The blocking is carried out by large agricultural machinery.

“The movement of trucks leaving Ukraine has been temporarily suspended in order to prevent blocking the passage of passenger cars. The timing of the blocking is not yet known,” the message says.

Currently, about 10 trucks are waiting to leave Ukraine, and there are 607 tons per second in the queue. Over the past 24 hours, the following have been issued and allowed to leave Ukraine: 138 t/s, entry – 105 t/s It was previously reported that Romanian farmers, despite agreements with the government, continue to partially block the movement of trucks near the checkpoints on the border with Ukraine “Siret” and “Vicova de Sus”.

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