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The CIA prohibits its analysts from using the Telegram messenger, – Bloomberg

The US Central Intelligence Agency does not allow its analysts to use the Tele messenger gram.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on Bloomberg.

The United States is careful to use certain instruments used for OSINT collection.

“The CIA, for example, does not allow Russian analysts to use their desktop computers to access the Telegram social media account, which is popular among Russian military bloggers,” the material reads.

It is clear that analysts are also prohibited from bringing special devices to the work place, which threatens to deprive them of their personal accommodation if they want to deny access to additional data.

The situation with OSINT

Bloomberg writes that US intelligence agencies are about with the pull of rich rocks they fought for access Until such data, they call it reconnaissance from hidden devices or OSINT. The situation is starting to change.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees all of the country's intelligence services, has asked longtime cybersecurity analyst and expert Jason Barrett to assist the US intelligence community in approaching OSINT.

Our closest departments will be assisted in developing the national strategy OSINT exploration team, which will focus on coordinating data collection and developing tools to improve the approach to this type of exploration robot.

The problem with other forms of intelligence gathering, such as electronic surveillance and human intelligence, may lie ahead of the secret collection of a sufficient amount of information. The OSINT problem lies in the ability to collect relevant information from the incredible amount of information available in digital format.


Cross-platform system for meeting messaging (messenger) with exchange functions well, text, voice and video notifications, as well as stickers, photographs and files in a variety of formats.

The author and creator of the messenger is Russian entrepreneur Pavlo Durov. However, for the most part, he does not live in the Russian Federation, and he is also a citizen of three other powers.

The CIA and its work with the Russians

At the beginning of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the Central Intelligence Agency informed the Russians that they were not promote war in Ukraine, Contact US intelligence. To do this, they need to quickly access the darknet.

The CIA website on the darknet has the same functions as the primary home page of American intelligence. However, access to as many as possible is via the Tor Internet browser.

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