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The citizens of Zaporizhzhya were informed about the dangerous leaflets: what do we know?

Meshkants of Zaporizhzhya were warned about the unsafe leaflets that are spreading in the city with a view to the collection of money and propositions to local power.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through communications to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security.

Followers from the center with a QR code are distributed in the name of the head Constipation for the sake of the region Olenya Zhuk . This whole thing was created so that citizens could share their money and problems through a chat bot.

However, the head of the municipal region, Olena Zhuk, called it a fake and told the citizens about cybersecurity.

“I officially declare “So I, my colleagues in this region, are glad not to pine for these leaflets from that chatbot. I urge the Cossacks to adhere to the rules of digital hygiene,” said Zhuk.

In addition, she urged the locals not to hand over their Features are given to unknown persons on the Internet.

Shakhrais in Ukraine

Since the oppression, 11% of Ukrainians have become victims of the Shahrays since the beginning of a large-scale invasion. Most often, people are aware of the time of buying and selling goods on the Internet.

Almost sharers operate on the Internet. When this happens, the stench suggests new schemes of deception. For example, in the Chuguiv Kharkov region, shacks walk around the apartments and houses of residents and pretend to be government officials.

They will proclaim “help” in the deducted sums for the “Idnovlennya” program. In addition, the Shahrai recently decided to “color” the already well-known scheme for collecting “help” for the ZSU, vikoryst sheets from the OVA. In the Dnieper they are addressed not only to the employers, but also to the heads of the RVA region.

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