• 24/07/2024 05:42

The commander of the Ground Forces revealed the moment when a Russian missile was shot down by a Browning M2 machine gun

An enemy target was shot down on a sub-base in Kiev.

The Commander of the Ground Forces announced the moment when a Russian missile was shot down with a Browning M2 machine gun

Alexander Pavlyuk Lyudmila of a patched missile from a Browning M2 machine gun.

According to Pavlyuk, a mobile fire group shot down a hostile target on approach to Kiev during a night missile attack.

“This unit is not the first to shoot down a cruise missile! Scholarship + coherence = result,” the commander emphasized.

  • On March 21, at about 5 a.m., the Russian army fired more than 30 missiles at Kyiv. The air force reported that it shot down all targets launched by the enemy – 31 missiles, including two aeroballistic missiles.
  • In the capital, there was damage in three areas, and at least 12 people were injured. Among them is an 11-year-old child.
  • In the Kyiv region, according to data from the OVA, four wounded were known in the morning.


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