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The criminal, who swindled about 3.5 million hryvnia from foreigners, will appear in court

The man has been swindling bank information from US and Canadian citizens since 2017.

The criminal, who swindled about 3.5 million hryvnia from foreigners, will appear in court 3.5 million UAH

A suspect was reported to a man who was stealing personal and banking data using malware and phishing. The victims of the scammer were citizens of Canada and the United States, from whom the criminal stole about 3.5 million hryvnia.

This is stated in a statement from the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), which began working on this case about six months ago. In addition, since 2020, the investigation has been conducted by the National Police.

“The man began to engage in illegal activities back in 2017. At first, he developed and sold malicious software that allowed him to steal personal data from smartphones. Subsequently, he began to engage in phishing – creating sites, links and programs that stole user data to access bank accounts and other financial services. He involved at least six accomplices in this activity, whose identities are being established,” the Bureau reported.

The man sold the received data using cryptocurrency. Thus, he managed to “earn” at least 3.5 million UAH. The suspect is now in custody, but a bail of 2 million hryvnia can be given for him.

He faces imprisonment for up to 8 years with confiscation of property.

  • In January of this year, cyber police detained a group of fraudsters who created a network of phishing call centers in the capital and defrauded dozens of foreigners out of almost two million Czech crowns, which is the equivalent of about three million hryvnia.
  • In Nikolaev, a hacker was exposed who caused hundreds of millions of losses to a leading global company. A 29-year-old man infected the servers of a well-known American company with a miner virus. For more than two years, the man withdrew almost two million dollars in cryptocurrency to controlled electronic wallets, which is the equivalent of more than 75 million hryvnia.
  • And last fall, the cyber police with foreign colleagues neutralized a group of hackers who attacked 168 companies in countries of Europe and America. Europol, Eurojust, as well as law enforcement officers from France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Japan and Canada were involved.


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