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The Czech Republic is preparing a mass test of Ukrainian schoolchildren: details

Nearly 50 thousand Ukrainian children attend Czech schools. The Ministry of World Affairs of the region plans to launch a mass test of foreign schoolchildren on their knowledge of the Czech language.

Minister of Education of the Czech Republic Mikulas Beck announced this, RBC-Ukraine reports from a post on ukraina.radio.cz .

Ministry Illumination of the Czech Republic organized the second international conference on awareness and integration of Ukrainian children into the EU. Experts from several European countries said similar problems could arise with regard to refugee children. One of the main ones is insufficient training.

“It is important to carry out thorough testing so that we know what kind of situation we are in. It is completely clear that the evidence of the integration of Ukrainian children indicates that we will accept such crimes However, like Germany and Austria, they were not ready to teach Czech language to foreigners on a sufficient scale,” said Mikulash Bek.

Testing can begin in about two months. It is not clear how it will be carried out and how the knowledge will be verified overnight in all schools. You can follow the test results for the effective education of foreign children.

In another semester, the Czech language as a foreign language may be valid.

In addition to the ongoing preparations, the reliability of these information systems was also discussed, which would make it possible to determine the transfer of refugees. Some of them return to the Fatherland, while others move to other countries.

“Some countries already lack reliable systems that make it possible to establish in detail the division of schools in Ukraine In some countries, including the Czech Republic, such information is available “There is no system,” said the Czech minister.

I guess we wrote that in the schools of the Czech Republic, Ukrainian children form the largest group among foreigners. This percentage of Ukrainians accounts for 28% of the total number of foreign students.

We also found out how many Ukrainian children attend schools in the Czech Republic. 77% of all Ukrainian scientists arrived after the start of the war.

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