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The displays will not be effective. Ukrainians were told about the current inspection of doctors

In Ukraine, on the legislative level, government officials of goiter apartments are required to carry out inspections of the doctor and heat and hot water. Otherwise, the doctor’s evidence will be ineffective.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through communications to “Oblteplokomunenergo”.

How can I find out the date of verification of the apartment doctor?

For new doctors, it is necessary to vacate 4 rocks according to the date of their manufacture, as indicated on the data sheet (and not according to the date of installation!).

If the doctor is already with the victor, then you must rinse 4 glasses at Date ID, as indicated on the confirmation certificate, which you received after the first verification.

Also, the date of verification may be indicated in the document, which is determined by the companions. If the inter-check interval of your equipment has already been drained, then in the receipt you will remove notifications about the need to check the doctor.

How to check the equipment without dismantling?

It is necessary to identify yourself from the organization that will be completing your work. Here, there is no observance in the right to choose, but it is important to respect the availability of the Certificate of Validation for the verification of the characteristics of vimiruval technology.

Then it is necessary to carry out the verification itself and remove the “Certificate of conformity of the form to the sovereign powers to the world-class technology” and the “Acts of the verification”.

How to verify the conformity of the form, as Is dismantling required?

Write an application for unsealing of the doctor, indicating the address and contact information for the return card and pay the fee. Thermal inspectors will contact the applicant and, within the work schedule of the enterprise, wait for the hour of the current sealing.

Be present at the time of removing the seal and the folded act for the intended purpose of showing the fitment.

For additional arrangements, carry out dismantling and checking the fitment, withdraw the Certificate of Approval There is an opportunity for the sovereign powers to develop innovative technology.

Write an application for sealing of the doctor and pay a fee for this work. Thermal inspection specialists will take into account the time of completion, and upon completion of the procedure will issue a consistent certificate.

And then submit an Act and Certificate of completion of periodic verification to enter information into the database.

Guess what, earlier The Pension Fund explained that Ukrainians can withdraw the benefit to pay for the delivery and distribution of gas, since the monthly payment does not exceed the establishment of social standards.

It was also reported to them that Ukrainians and may not be able to pay rakhunki for gas at full size. This reduction is paid absolutely for the entire life of gas.

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