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The distant zebra will become larger. The Ministry of Defense was informed about the results of Ramstein-18

In the framework of today's meeting at the Ramstein format, they discussed an increase in food supplies to Ukraine far away ynoy zbroi. The topic of adapting anti-aircraft incoming missiles to Radian launch platforms was also discussed.

The head of the Press and Information Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ilarion Pavlyuk, stated this, RBC-Ukraine reports annyam at the Military Media Center.

“It is beyond understanding of our partners that we urgently need and need to work on this in order to give Ukraine more ammunition for such attacks,” Pavlyuk said.

What else was discussed in the meeting

Within the framework of the agreement, the adaptation of anti-aircraft missiles of incoming missiles to the Ukrainian launch platforms available at the disposal of the Ukrainian Defense Forces was also discussed.

Increasing capabilities for increasing the production of ammunition and artillery systems, support for major projects of regional partners with Ukraine.

Delivery of helicopters

Head of the Department of International Defense Industry of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Gennady Kovalenko, informed that at the meeting it was also discussed to strengthen Ukraine’s capabilities within the framework of aviation, anti-aircraft, artillery Maritime Security Alliance and Coalition.

Zokrem, having appointed a colonel, within the framework of the aviation coalition, a number of demands for the supply of F-16 pilots are also being discussed by the allies for the provision of additional helicopters by the allies.

“It was a productive meeting, after all, I want to say “cause panic” to all those who are in the mood to waste support for Ukraine,” Pavlyuk said.


Earlier It was reported that today, 23rd, a meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine began in the Ramstein format, already 18th behind the wheel.

The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, called on the participants of the defense to give the Forces defense of Ukraine “more military ground anti-aircraft defense systems and re-housing methods.”

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov at today's meeting of the Contact Group of the Defense of Ukraine in the “Ramstein” format discussed what ZSU is required for this I'll pour it out.

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