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The division of Ukraine cost up to 10 global risks in 2024, according to The Time magazine

The Time magazine published the “Top 10 global risks for 2024.” The third velvet in the migration is the forecast of the izhir Rozdil Ukrainian.

about the cereal of RBC-Ukrainian, to the magazine The Time. to Ukraine and confirmed the expansion of NATO with new members – Finland and Sweden.

In addition, the beginning of the procedure for Ukraine’s accession to the EU, the introduction of 11 rounds of sanctions against Russia and the approach of new borders, the freezing of half of sovereign assets, as well as plans to save money for the renewal of Ukraine have been announced neither. It also means that Europe no longer buys Russian energy supplies.

“Why Ukraine will be de facto divided, and Russia now has initiative on the battlefield and material advantage. 2024 r This is the turning point of the war: Ukraine “Don’t resolve your personnel problems, don’t increase the growth rate and don’t develop a realistic military strategy in the near future, these territorial expenses may appear permanent and may even expand,” says the government glare.

It appears that Kiev has suffered greatly due to the change in political and material support of the United States, and the prospects for European assistance are only a little brighter. It is clear that Ukraine will urgently require additional military forces.

For all these reasons, we respect The Time, which predicts that Kiev will face greater military risks, including attacks on a larger number of people. or Russia, which provokes an unprecedented response from the aggressor It could involve NATO in the conflict.

Other global risks

Among other global risks of The Time for 2024, assigned:

Initiatives peace negotiations following the outbreak of war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation

Bloomberg reported that 16 years ago, Saudi Arabia was developing a secret alliance between Ukraine, the G7 countries and a small group of global powers Today At the hour of negotiations, the plan for holding peace negotiations before the war in the minds of Kiev was negotiated.

Currently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba stated that the foreign allies do not force Ukraine to hold negotiations with Russia It is used to freeze combat actions.

The Office of the President of Ukraine called on the world to continue to live by illusions – Putin to continue fighting and killing.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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