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“The effect of Putin’s actions”: the Main Intelligence Directorate has decided to place the Russians before the authorities of the Russian Federation

In Russia, the population is increasingly accumulating under the Putin regime and, Id of the printed heritage dictator Putin is at war against Ukraine.

As stated by the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Yusov, RBC-Ukraine conveys his messages to the telethon.

“We can state that more and more Russians are believing the truth yut bears the legacy of the war that Putin brought not only to Ukraine, but also to the territory of Russia,” said the representative of the GUR.

According to Yusov, the remaining cases in the territory of the Bilgorod and Kursk regions, incidents in the industry word enterprises, at oil refineries, industrial enterprises, along with the flow of liquidated and injured occupiers, who return to the territory of the Russian Federation from Ukraine, leaving a legacy for the Putin regime.

“The stinks flow in and accumulate the effect You're under Putin's influence. And, madly, “You will have your own inheritance, your own continuation,” – respecting the wine.

Dissatisfaction among Russians with Putin's policies

Respect that in Russia there is a growing tendency towards hostile sentiments against the orderly chicken culture of the country .

Zokrema , the citizens of the Russian Federation began to go out to protest rallies more often with a call to turn their occupiers home. In addition, such actions will soon be strangled by the security forces of the Putin regime.

In addition, since the beginning of a large-scale invasion of Russian territory, they are systematically carrying out sabotage at strategic targets and Russian partisans who act as pro these aggressions of the Kremlin.

Also, at the recent “elections” in the Russian Federation, Russians in various regions went to the extent of mass destruction of ballot boxes. The citizens of the Russian Federation doused them with green paint, fired and fueled them with election workers.

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