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The energy system of Krivoy Rog has been stabilized, but connections are still possible, – Vilkul

The energy security situation in Krivoy Rog after the recent shelling of the station has been removed, but emergency connections are still possible.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on Telegram by the mayor of Krivoy Rog, Oleksandr Vilkul.

Missky’s head noted that near the evening, power engineers restored electricity supply to subscribers, previously connected through re-engineering as a result of hostile attacks last night.

According to Vilkul, power engineers have done everything possible to stabilize the system, however, “emergency shutdowns are still possible, the requirement for them is placed with reasonable consideration.”

” Before the boiler is turned on, the boiler room is also powered by electricity, heating of the heat transfer continues. All local services, hospitals, social installations, public transport are working,” says the representative.

Vilkul is like this Having reported that last night there were shellings near Krivorizky there were no areas. The enemy then attacked the town of Nikopol with important artillery. Luckily, there were no expenses.

Shelling and “blackout” near Krivoy Rozia

On Saturday night, February 3, Russian fire fighters attacked Krivoy Rig with kamikaze strike drones “Shahed”. A number of UAVs crashed into the energy infrastructure, burned down, and nearly 15 thousand people were left in the region without light.

Later, power engineers restored power supply in the Krivorizky district. The fighters again tried to attack the area and place with a missile, but the defense forces were destroyed.

The day before, the Ukrenergo substation was damaged by Krivoy Rozia as a result of Russian shelling.

After the shelling of the city, the Ministry of Energy announced that fire fighters would resume attacks on energy infrastructure in front-line areas.

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