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The EU Rada passed sanctions against the Russian diamond company Alrosa and its CEO

The EU Council rejected additional interim rounds against the largest Russian diamond mining industry ї Alrosa company and ї general director Pavel Marinichev. The company and the police officer were identified as dating back to the war in Ukraine.

A new decision was published by the Council of the European Union, reports RBC-Ukraine.

“The new lists are held by PJSC Alrosa, which is the largest diamond mining company in the world, which belongs to the Russian state and accounts for over 90% of the entire Russian diamond production,” the source explains.

Radio EU states that the company is an important part of the economic sector, which will provide significant income to the government of the Russian Federation.

“The fence on Russian diamonds is partly supported by the G7 through the development of an internationally coordinated fence not at all Import of diamonds is poised to save Russia from this important source of income,” the source said.

Warto note that at the beginning of 2024, the European Union has imposed a new ban on the direct import of Russian non-industrial natural and synthetic diamonds, as well as jewelry made from diamonds.

Narasis in c The EU's sanctions against Russia's aggression last until 1950 physical and legal persons, whose assets are frozen, and their rulers are reduced in their ability to provide services in the territory of the European Union.

EU sanctions against Russia

Early European Union in force 12th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. As stated by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, the new EU has announced “an ongoing set of new lists and economical approaches that will further weaken the Russian military machine.”

The sanctions package has been increased Interval visits to import or transport Russian diamonds, import-export control and exchange, exchange of prices for naphtha, steel and steel were requested, and a significant number of additional physical and legal features were added to the list.

Terms and important information about you war between Russia and Ukraine read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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