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The European Union plans to introduce new sanctions against the Russian Federation on February 24. ZMI revealed details

The European Union is preparing to deal with the Russian Federation through large-scale military aggression against Ukraine. They plan to announce the new “black list” of 24 severe, on the other hand, large-scale invasion.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from a post on EUobserver.

According to the words of several EU diplomats in conversations with journalists, the sanctions list includes, for short, “several dozen” Russian and Belarusian military forces involved in military operations against Ukraine. Also, “mini-sanctions” will be imposed on the citizens of the Russian Federation, which will lead to the illegal deportation and abduction of Ukrainian children.

It is clear that the “black list” will also recognize the number of companies The European Union, which will help Russia eliminate its defense components new rules upon the introduction of international sanctions..

Previously, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, whose services compiled a new interim list for the Russian Federation, informed the European Parliament about the introduction sanctions on the “symbolic” day of the 24th.

The EU embassy in Brussels will begin negotiations on the list with these four. The publication acknowledges that it did not include “every important points, such as the new EU embargo on Russian metals, liquid gas or nuclear companies, the remainder of which would need to wait soon” after the introduction of 12 th package of sanctions against Russia 19th anniversary and until the date 24 fierce.

The EU Commission prepared the “black list” after consultation with the member states over the weekend.

Nutritional support for the introduction of the 13th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Previously, it was reported that the European Union had begun negotiations on a new package of sanctions, which it intends to confirm before 24 February 2024.

Possible sanctions were discussed on the 18th of today after the block y, where the member powers quarreled about those that are most beautiful support Ukraine in a long-term perspective. It will not be easy to achieve the 13th package of sanctions before the new month, with the remainder of the remaining negotiations waiting, Bloomberg wrote.

The Ukrainian side, for its part, called on the EU to focus on the unauthorized sanctions and the destruction of high-tech launch components into the hands of the Russian army .

Additionally, earlier news reports reported that European aluminum producers, encouraged by the EU countries, are pushing for the EU to impose an embargo on cheap aluminum port of this metal from Russia as part of the package of sanctions, which marks two fates since the invasion of Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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