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The European Union praised another term of Georgieva at the impeachment of the head of the IMF

EU finance ministers encourage Kristalina Georgieva for another fifth year current term for the appointment of the head of the International Monetary Fund . Traditionally, the quota of the head of the IMF is assigned to Europe.

Belgian Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem stated this, RBC-Ukraine reports in a post on Bloomberg.

The support was one-sided in the middle of the country n-members of the EU, informing to journalists in Brussels.

“Last Friday, Kristalina Georgieva expressed her readiness to define the IMF by a different term, as there was sufficient support among its members. Today, I would like to announce that in all European member powers have actually determined that encouragement,” said Vin.

The exact five-fold term of Georgieva's revival will end at the spring. The decision looked confident after the financial planners of the two largest economies in the bloc – Germany and France – showed their support.

“I think that Christalina demonstrated stronger leadership in the rest and a number of fates, especially in the hour of unprecedented crises, and “That she also gave encouragement to all members,” said Van Petegem.

The Executive Director of the IMF is officially appointed by the Board of Directors of the establishment, which consists of 24 individuals, who are recruited by member states. Europeans are planning to rob the head of the IMF, and the United States may be looking for someone to defraud the World Bank. The grievances of the establishment are based in Washington.

Georgieva at the seat of the head of the IMF

Economist from Bulgaria Georgieva is another woman who has scorned the IMF, and the first person from the country with a market economy that is developing.

70 – River Georgieva, who calls herself an “eternal optimist,” experienced great shocks to the world economy – as the COVID-19 pandemic subsided just a few months after she entered into iisky invasion of Ukraine in the cruel fate of 2022.

Vona is focused on the significant prospects for mid-Russian growth, as seen from historical comparisons, the most current problems with the sovereign debt and the IMF policy through the complex modernization of quotas.

Vona played an important role in obtaining large loans for Ukraine , additionally mobilizing additional funds to help their economy withstand the stress of the courtyard war against the Russian invasion.

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