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The fall of Il-76: ISW was identified as dispropaganda of the vikoryist PP to discredit Ukraine

Russian propaganda calling Ukraine into the world of “killed” by the Il- 76 from military forces near Bilgorod , re-examine a number of goals.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a letter to the Institute of Foreign War (ISW).

“Russian advances in the information space were precipitated by the Il-76 disaster in order to sow internal dissatisfaction in Ukraine and support the need for Sunset to continue to give military support to Ukraine,” – y tell your friend.

In addition, in ІWS, lower the statements of representatives of the Russian to the politician, who, according to opinion leaders, often call for sowing dissatisfaction in Ukraine and increasing distrust in the Ukrainian government.

“(Tse – ed.) is used with some other Russian information cial zusillas directly aimed at the weakening of Ukraine in the middle of the country “, – check with your partner.

In addition, according to the Institute of Warfare, Russian officials also made unsubstantiated statements about the fact that Ukraine never launched an Il-76 strike with missile systems supplied by the United States and Germany. It is likely that Ukraine's foreign partners will be able to provide critical systems to Ukraine. PPO, required for the uninterrupted defense of Ukraine.

The fall of the Russian Il-76 aircraft

On 24 September, the Russian military transport aircraft Il-76 crashed in the Korochansky district of the Belgorod region. Russian Telegram channels were the first to tell about it.

RBC-Ukraine comments from the Defense Forces revealed that the Russian military transport aircraft Il-76 landed near the Bilgorod region, transporting missiles for the S-3 air defense system 00 .

With this, in Russia they began to create their own “versions” of NP. Thus, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation learned that the plane had crashed, but “there were 65 full Ukrainian military servicemen on board,” as well as six crew members and three escorts.

Terms and important reasons Read about the war between Russia and Ukraine on RBC-Ukraine channels on Telegram.

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