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The Finnish woodworking concern Metsä Group has sold all of its subsidiaries from the Russian Federation

The Finnish sawmill concern Metsä Group announced the sale of all subsidiaries in Russia ї.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to the press service of the Finnish company.

As stated by the company, Metsä Group 13 completed the transaction, as a result of which VLP Group took away the right of ownership of its subsidiaries Group holdings:< /p>

The parties agreed not to disclose the price of the agreement.

It seems likely that the Finnish company Metsä Group held a minority stake in VLP Group from 2003 to 2017 Rokiv. However, in 2022, Metsä Group expanded its activities in Russia, including the activities of the Svir sawmill and the production of wood and cardboard sales.

As a result of the completed transaction, Metsä Group no longer operates with only assets in Russia.

News from Russia and Finland

Back in 2023, Finland dealt with migrants who arrived at the border on the side of Russia. Mostly, these were immigrants from Somalia and Iraq.

Through this, Finland decided to close the border with Russia.

Later investigations revealed that the influx of migrants into the Finnish border Don stand Russian special services .

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the channelRBC-Ukraine in Telegram.

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