• 21/07/2024 09:06

The French Foreign Ministry “is not betting on the European Union if Ukraine collapses”

The head of the diplomatic department explained why it is necessary to support Ukraine here and now.

The French Foreign Ministry

Stefan of French Foreign Affairs Stefan Sejournet called for help to Ukraine so that the war does not affect the European Union.

“If Ukraine falls, there is no need to place big bets on the EU. We must act now,” the diplomat said in an interview with LCI TV.

Today I am convinced that taking a step aside under pressure from Russia is giving it a signal to move forward. “These are forces that want to attack and believe that they no longer have borders,” the official warned.

Today he also confirmed that France is discussing the deployment of ground forces in Ukraine within the framework of the formula “victory over Russia without waging war against Russia.” The minister claims that all participants in the Paris summit knew that the issue of sending troops was on the agenda.

  • The French Foreign Ministry denied the alleged statement of President Emmanuel Macron that troops were in Ukraine definitely “will not be in the near future.”


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