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The German opposition opposed the exchange of Taurus missiles with Britain and named the reason

The German opposition in the Bundesstaz does not support the British position on missile exchange Ta urus in British Storm Shadow, for Ukraine is undergoing a far-reaching reform.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a post on DW.

The intercessor of the head of the CDU/CSU faction, Johann Wadeful, stated that it is necessary to do everything to avoid damage Ukraine, What is the need for the implementation of “the most advanced systems of the armored system, and the Taurus is just such a system.”

“When a circular exchange is required, we cannot replace them in terms of distance, accuracy and strength,” said Vin.

What has changed

Yesterday, the head of the Ministry of Health of Britain, David Cameron, said that Great Britain is ready to help Germany in order to reduce divisions and give Ukraine long-range Taurus missiles.

As Cameron explained, the country allows the possibility circle exchange. By the way, Germany will give Britain Taurus missiles, and London will give Ukraine additional Storm Shadow missiles.

Long-range missiles for Ukraine

Guess what, before Britain and France gave Ukraine long-range Storm Shadow and Scal missiles p. It is also clear that the United States transferred missiles to our soldiers with a range of up to 165 kilometers. There is talk about long-range ATACMS missiles.

There are ongoing discussions about the transfer of German Taurus missiles to Ukraine, which will target targets at a range of up to 500 km. Berlin is still opposed, but Ukraine and its allies are calling on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to praise this extraordinary decision.

More details about those that our country is still rejecting German long-range missiles – from the mother iali RBC-Ukraine.

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