• 25/07/2024 15:56

The German opposition wants the Bundestag to vote for the transfer of Taurus to Ukraine

The German Opposition Party Christian Democratic Union wants food transmission to Ukraine far away combat Taurus missiles were carried out to vote with the Bundesstaz.

The leader of the CDU faction, Friedrich Merz, announced this, RBC-Ukraine reported on ntv.

According to this, CDU deputies at the Bundesstaz want to submit a proposal to parliament tomorrow, 17th day, on a resolution to transfer Taurus to Ukraine.

Voting may begin after the confirmation of the strengthened defense system Yovy Hegl from Social Democratic Party of Germany.

“We appreciate that the situation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly critical,” said Merz.

In his words, the Ukrainian military is not yet There are no prospects for pressing Russian troops. Otherwise, Taurus missiles could help the ZSU change the price.

We also called on members of the German order to support such an initiative.

Taurus for Ukraine

Guess what, Ukraine asked Germany for a far-reaching neither Taurus rockets, nor the To achieve goals on a distance of up to 500 kilometers has already been doomed.

In which case, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke out against such an idea. Vіn is worried that with the help of such a revival, Ukraine may launch missile strikes on the territory of Russia.

Earlier it became clear that there was a connection with Scholz’s position with his food on the new growing floor Itic pressure.

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