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The government's diplomacy is essential for China to launch the peace process: an analyst's thought

The visit of the special envoy to China on the right of Eurasia Li Hui will not lead to the restart of the peace process with food attached no war Russia is against Ukraine.

About this in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine, the analyst of the Ukrainian Institute of the late Ilya Kus stated.

China follows its interests

Looking at Beijing's historically cold position between Ukrainian initiatives and diplomatic negotiations with the United States, Li Hui's visit is unlikely to produce any results. It so happened that the Chinese side regards Kiev as completely irrelevant to Washington.

And the fact that China took part in only one of the four battles for the “formula to the world” suggests those who, in the first place, do not want to get along with the Russian Federation, but in another way, they do not I want to support the recent trend.

Whatever the situation, China follows its own interests first, which is why one doubts the breadth of its ambition to become a mediator in the regulated Russian-Ukrainian war. Can it, get the sodati sodan for negotiating, ale, wax, in Ukraine, Nema Doviri.

The role of China in Patanni Viyni in the Ukrainian

Kusa Vyimovirnishe, ethnic groups of the same. It is important to put on the Turkish region or the Arab lands, which will rule over Ukraine, Russia, and Europe. However, in his words, China can become a mediator in the sense of supporting the negotiation process, if it comes to fruition.

“And we can be guarantors of future benefits between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In this way, we can play a different role, although we can’t get away from the fact that Beijing will support us. It has other interests. For example, interest in weaken the USA and protect our interests, so Washington – our partner,” the analyst said.

Therefore, it is important that the Chinese take a position in the middle, and it is therefore necessary to invite and win them over before negotiations. Having added that, in principle, there is nothing rotten in this, and we are not wasting anything as a result.

Li Hui's tour will not lead to the restart of the peace process

Behind the words of the analyst, whether there are international relations, signatures on the part of China and other parts of the world, there is greater legitimacy than without them. Most likely, Beijing itself does not want a larger role, but on principle it will remain marginalized, since the war in Ukraine does not top its list of priorities.

Like the first, another round of Chinese visits will not lead to the restart of the peace process. As fatefully before, the position is reduced to the point that Ukraine and Russia are guilty of standing on the production line of the front, starting a fire in which China does not require the withdrawal of Russian troops. This position is unpleasant for anyone.

How the Chinese envoy was received in the Russian Federation

Kusa guessed that Ukraine will continue to conduct military operations until our territories are liberated. And Russia does not hesitate to remember that, as it is important, it has now taken over the initiative and is now acquiring new lands.

“It seems to me that they were poorly received in Moscow, even though they did not announce their arrival. They showed that they were not focused either in China or in any peaceful proposals. We are welcome. whether yoga is on “I have more respect for the high, but I still don’t expect that homeownership will continue,” said the analyst.

He added that China’s position is unpopular among politicians and in our kingdom. Beijing is making speeches suggesting that Ukraine is not ready politically.

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