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The head of the Chechen parliament, who sent “Kadyrov’s men” to war in Ukraine, will be tried in Ukraine – SBU

Daudov repeatedly came to the temporarily occupied Lisichansk, Popasnaya and Mariupol, met with militant leaders and called on them to fight against the Defense Forces.

Chairman of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov

The security service has completed an investigation into the Chairman of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov, who sent detachments of “Kadyrovites” to the war in Ukraine. The indictment was sent to court .

This is stated on the website of the special service.

The investigation established that from May 2022 to October 2023, Daudov carried out Kadyrov’s instructions to form assault detachments of militants for the war against Ukraine.

With the direct participation of Daudov, the 78th motorized special forces regiment “Sever-Akhmat” was created in the North Caucasus , as well as the “South-Akhmat”, “West-Akhmat” and “East-Akhmat” battalions.

these units were included in the Russian occupation groups and transferred to the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of Ukraine. resistance.

In addition, during July-November 2022, Daudov repeatedly came to the temporarily occupied Lisichansk, Popasna and Mariupol. He met militant leaders and encouraged them to fight against the Defense Forces. In addition, he posted messages on his telegram channel where he called on residents of the North Caucasus to join Kadyrov’s occupation forces.

Based on the collected evidence, SBU investigators informed Daudov of suspicion under three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

  • h. 5 tbsp. 27, part 3 art. 110 (encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, resulting in the death of people and other grave consequences);
  • ch. 5 tbsp. 27, part 2 art. 437 (planning, preparation, unleashing and waging an aggressive war);
  • ch. 3 tbsp. 436-2 (justification, recognition as lawful, denial of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, glorification of its participants).

Since the suspect is on Russian territory, the SBU reported that comprehensive measures are ongoing to bring him to justice responsibility.


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